The difference not indifference

Traditional approaches have always been the beginning of J. Alvis' skills which naturally progressed with modern methods. The "old ways" seemed to last and impact the everyday for the better. In these days of mass production, we at J. Alvis think people like you want something more. A personal human touch to the work is essential in accomplishing this effect. It starts with caring. One has to care about the need and the outcome to make the difference.

Here to Hear

Your desires and needs are the forefront. It's about you, which means we are engaged in listening. To truly listen, all distraction must be put aside and become focused on the intent of what is being said. For you there is never a bad time; night or day we are here to listen.

Accustomed with Custom

We as individuals are expressive in every way. The desire to show who we are and where we are going is innately human. Choosing from a list of options is not custom and at J. Alvis we believe this from step one. A project becomes an 'extension' of a person by not being accustomed with limitations of a catalog. Finding the medium for your project is daunting but you are not alone. We are here to help define custom in whatever fashion possible. There is no limit to the potential and your desire of expression.

Evolving design

Without a plan success is doomed and this is not truer than in the building world. Ultimately there has to be an objective design for any given task. J. Alvis makes 'design' the key to maintain long-term relationships. Common issues are due to poor planning in the form itself or materials; therefore it is imperative that future needs, desires, and function are implemented for the evolving life. Every material type has limitations and installation requirements. Continued education for such needs is a daily affair for J. Alvis which in return assures excellence for the long term.

First person

J. Alvis is not just a company it is a person. I support local business and maintain a close relationship with distributors and Sub-contractors. When you work with J. Alvis you are working with a person not an unknown-outsourced corporation. Idaho has been home to the Alvis family for four generations. In fact, the first Alvis Company in Idaho was started in 1950 and is still family owned. Each project is a part of this community, making our quality essential for a place called home.

The Supple truth

Everyone has different schedules and deadlines. Whatever time or day we are flexible to your needs. Even the project can be altered to suit your schedule. Remodel transformations are often the best method for a working home or business. This method allows continual use for minimal interference which means down time is not necessary.

Making cents

In the end we all have to stay within budget. J. Alvis builds detailed estimates that can include hand drawings and 3D computer models for clarity. Hourly rates are also available so nothing is too small. Our diverse marketplace allows for great utility of the dollar. Simple and often low cost changes can make dramatic differences.

The perfect seven

Collectively the result is perfect. Caring about the difference is caring about the client. We hear your needs because we listen; translating to a flexible custom design. Being your neighbor ensures quality that is nearly forgotten and we assure every cent is used to culminate a perfect job.